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Welcome to DiskEng Advanced data recovery services

DiskEng is the UK recognised data recovery service provider, for hard drive recovery, RAID server recovery, backup tape recovery & portable media recovery. DiskEng offers years of combined experience in advanced data recovery techniques & disk engineering technology, to businesses, institutes & government agencies across UK & Europe.

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We provide data recovery from all types of storage media and operating systems. With more than 14 years technical expertise, you're talking to the experts in data recovery.

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  • any time
  • any storage media
  • any operating system
  • 24x7 data recovery solutions

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With state of the art data recovery engineering facility and success rates now in excess of 90% we are confident we can retrieve your data and put you back into business in no time.

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Raid Data Recovery Service

Hard Drive Data Recovery

We provide full data recovery service for all makes of hard disk drive and system configurations, including laptop drive, desktop drive, external drive and removable media. We can perform hard drive recovery from any type of failure including crashed, damaged, corrupted, deleted, formatted and many more complex failures. Contact DiskEng, for a free quote and expert advice.

RAID Data Recovery

We provide complete data recovery service for any type of RAID array failure. Advanced RAID recovery for RAID 0 RAID 1 RAID 5 RAID 10 RAID 50 and many other configuration of RAID systems, including Win NT Win2000 Win2003 Unix Linux Netware and DELL HP Compaq IBM RAID servers and many more. We can perform RAID recovery from damaged, initialised, corrupt, rebuilt RAID servers and many other types of critical failures. Contact DiskEng the experts in RAID recovery for a free quote and expert RAID recovery advice.


Hard Drive Recovery Service

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