Free Diagnosis, No Data No Fee

Computer hard drive failed? Do not power the drive. Avoid DIY tools, which could risk losing your files. Central laboratory ideally located in Oxford, Oxfordshire.

Don't Panic! Files recovered in 24 hours

Trust only the experts with your computer hard drive. You only have one chance to recover your files. Ideal location to give coverage across the UK, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Server down? Raid system failed?

Minimise your data risk. Stop and power down your server. DiskEng engineers can recover your data within 24 hours. Emergency service available at all times, 24/7 365 days a year.

RAID array failed. Need RAID system recovered?

In the event of a RAID array failure, or system malfunction, do not run utilities. Do not attempt to swap drives or a rebuild. All configurations are covered, no matter how complex.

Recover Your Data Today

Expert data recovery from all operating systems, any file system and all storage media


Hard Drive Recovery

When your hard disk drive fails, trust only the experts to recover your files

Server, desktop or laptop. Electronic or head failure, deleted or corrupted, we can recover the lost files from your hard drive


RAID Data Recovery

After a RAID server failure, you need help from our RAID server specialists to recover your files.

Your files to are too important to trust to anyone else. Supporting all RAID configurations, RAID 0, RAID 5 to RAID 50.


Removable Media Recovery

Laboratory services to recover files from all memory cards, USB and SSD devices.

Get your photos, office and other files recovered today, from both logically corrupt and physically damaged removable media.


Tape Data Recovery

Unable to restore files from LTO, DLT or DAT tape back-up media? Help is at hand.

Your files can be restored from any physically damaged or logically corrupt backup. All tape media and formats supported.

Data Recovery Experts

DiskEng is recognised in the UK as a leading data recovery service provider, for hard drive recovery, RAID server recovery, backup tape recovery and removable media recovery. DiskEng offers years of combined experience in advanced data recovery techniques and disk engineering technology, to businesses, institutes and government agencies across UK & Europe.

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Customer Reviews

Cloud Server Recovery London

"Following a sequence of operational errors, we contacted DiskEng data recovery services. All 24TB of data from one of our cloud servers was recovered inside 24 hours. Thanks for the [Read more]

External USB Drive Recovery Oxford

"Thank you for the disk with the reclaimed files. I have had some problems with my computer. File all OK. Great service, again thank you." Brian J Godfrey, Oxford An external USB drive [Read more]

RAID Server Recovery Banbury

"When one of our RAID servers failed in our server room, we started retrieving the data from our cloud service provider. It soon became clear it would take over two weeks to duplicate all [Read more]

Overheated Laptop Essex

"Service was excellent and fast. My laptop died containing hundreds of old photos and documents I have been scanning for months. Thanks for recovering all my files and the advice I [Read more]

Dropped USB Drive Watford

"Superb service, fast and efficient. Thanks for the excellent advice after our drive was dropped on the floor and for recovering all the video files from our external USB hard [Read more]

Corrupt Disk Recovery Slough

"Lost all the images and text for a book which is to be published next month. Thanks for recovering all my data; a lifesaver. A fast professional service, which I highly [Read more]

RAID Server Recovery Horsham

"Thanks for the fast and efficient service, after our RAID server failed." Dean Stock, Avroscan Ltd, Horsham A RAID array containing ten 1TB disks arrived at our data recovery lab in [Read more]

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