Apple iMac Boot Failure Torbay

“One morning my iMac refused to boot up. The shop had a look at it and told me it was a problem with the hard disk, which would require data recovery. I sent the drive to one company, but after a week they told me the data could not be recovered due to catalogue damage. Many thanks for returning my files, which I thought were lost following the first recovery attempt.”

JJ Christie, Torbay

A 500GB Western Digital hard disk drive arrived at our laboratory in Oxford from Torbay. An examination of the drive by our hardware data recovery engineers revealed there to be no obvious hardware failure. Our hardware data recovery engineers secured a sector-by-sector image copy of the drive. During the imaging process approximately two dozen unreadable bad sectors were encountered.

When the image was examined by our data recovery specialists it revealed a single 500GB HFS Plus partition. A detailed scan of the volume revealed that the one of the unreadable bad sectors had damaged the catalog header and the bitmap file, used to denote which clusters have been used. Our software is able to over these issues and revealed the volume to contain approximately 360GB of files comprising the operating system and applications files, photos, iTunes files, videos and a considerable number of office documents. A further scan revealed that the other bad sectors were affecting operating system files, leaving all the user data intact. The data was extracted to an external USB drive for return to the customer.

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