• Apple Hack Proof Myth Falls June 8, 2016

    For many years the Apple marketing campaign made much of how an Apple Mac rarely suffered any form of virus or malware attack, largely due to them being seen as a minority target for malicious hackers. Unfortunately, this had a couple of effects, one it roused hackers and other malicious individuals to formulate methods of attacking computers run OS X and also made many of the users become complacent. Read more

  • Toshiba Continues Hard Drive Manufacture May 18, 2016

    Reports late in 2015 and early 2016 suggested that Toshiba was about to sell off their Hard Disk Drive manufacturing section, due to their lack of market share and the impact SSD’s have had on the sale of 2.5” drives within the mobile device market. Such a departure would have left Seagate and Western Digital as the only manufacturers of hard disk drives. Toshiba looked to be considering focussing on SSD technology within the storage market. They already own a big share of the flash memory manufacturing market in partnership with SanDisk.
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  • Seagate 10TB Enterprise Disk Drives May 10, 2016

    Recently Seagate released the first 10TB hard disk drive into the enterprise market without the need to use techniques which hinder the overall performance data transfers. In common with the recent trend, these drives are helium filled and hermetically sealed, allowing a 25% increase in rack capacity.
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  • Seagate Expansion Drive Seizures April 21, 2016

    Our data recovery specialists have noted a sharp increase in the number of portable Seagate Expansion drives which have suffered a seizure. The Seagate Expansion enclosure suffering the particular issue usually contains a Seagate/Samsung Momentus labelled drive, which in the case of the 1TB version has the Seagate drive number ST1000LM024, but may also have the Samsung part number HNM101MBB.
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  • DiskWatch Software Update Released December 19, 2015

    Following the release of DiskEng’s free hard disk monitoring software DiskWatch in November, further development work has been ongoing to enhance the application. This Windows software application, designed to monitor the S.M.A.R.T. health status and temperature of each hard disk drive retains all the previous features while now including the ability to do a coarse scan of each disk.
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