Data Recovery Is Easy

It is often perceived that data recovery is easy, largely due to the number of data recovery companies offering cheap services and the numerous software solutions available. While this may be true in a number of cases, this could lead to problems, especially if you attempt to a do-it-yourself solution, or have a friend attempt a recovery.

When it comes to data recovery, it is important to select a professional company who have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge. It is this expertise which ensures that the correct procedures are undertaken, without taking any risks which could jeopardise the safety of your data.

Plug it in and Process

Many people assume that we just plug a hard drive into a machine, and run our software, which will just process the data. While this approach would work in a number of cases, it is important to take a sector-by-sector image of the drive, to ensure a secure copy of all the data has been captured. Failing to take an image, and declaring a data recovery possible, only for the drive to suffer a failure later, invalidating our recovery quote would be negligent.

The recovery of sectors from a hard drive can be complicated process, depending upon the level of damage which has occurred. This can range from few bad sectors encountered, through to requiring the drive to be cleaned and fully rebuilt using replacement parts in order that data can be recovered.

Point the Software at the Image

Having secured a copy of the data from the hard drive it’s easy to believe that the software will do all the work for each recovery. For many data recovery jobs this approach will indeed give the desired results, but even for these it is important to understand what if any damage has occurred, and whether additional diagnosis work and processing is required.

Some data recoveries however require highly specialised knowledge of the partition and file system structures, in order to determine the problem, and create a virtual data volume. Deleted or formatted partitions and virus damaged file systems often require building new metadata, which has to be accurate in order for the data recovery software to process the data volume correctly.

Data Recovery

Even if your computer was working yesterday, or just a few minutes ago, but fails to boot up, it is best to assume that a professional data recovery solution is the best option. Hearing that someone has already attempted to recover the data, is something we hate to hear, as it could mean more data is lost than would have been otherwise.

If you believe all you require is computer repair, you need to be very careful to make sure that they will not risk the important data held on your hard drive. If you are not comfortable that the repair company understands the importance of you data, you should call a professional data recovery company who can guide you through the best options.

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