Data Recovery Process

From the first point of contact, our customer services team will guide you through the entire recovery process. They will send you details of our services for the initial diagnosis of your hard disk, tape or RAID storage.

Stage 1 Diagnosis

During the diagnosis stage, our engineering team will assess your media for the reported problem. We will determine the actual fault, establish the extent of recovery level possible and report these findings to you. We will send an engineer’s report and a fixed quotation for the successful recovery of your data. You can then decide, if you need the data recovered. The decision is yours, with no obligation to proceed.

Stage 2 Recovery

During the recovery stage, our engineering team will use a combination of skill levels, in-house bespoke technology and resources, to our proprietary data recovery software tools and techniques, in order to successfully recover your guaranteed data. The recovered data is returned to you on CD, DVD, Disk or Tape media. The choice is entirely yours.

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