Disk Recovery Southampton

“We lost access to all our company data after a serious failure of our 1TB server drive, we immediately contacted DiskEng for their express data recovery service. DiskEng recovered all 300GB of our company data from the faulty Seagate drive in record time”

Rajesh Kohli, Power Accountax Ltd, Southampton

A Seagate STM31000340AS 1TB SATA hard drive failed in a server environment. The hard drive failed at a very critical time and was not detected in BIOS, even after several attempts to reboot. The drive arrived at our data recovery facilities and DiskEng data recovery specialists examined the drive and found that it had encountered a firmware problem. Our research and development engineers identified this fault and within 24 hours developed a solution.

As we are able to directly access the Seagate hard drive firmware areas, this allowed our data recovery software tools to modify the firmware zone and restore disk level functionality. The Seagate drive was immediately imaged using our proprietary imaging tools under laboratory conditions before the clients data files were completely recovered.

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