Removable Media Recovery

As the amount of data we create, store and carry around increases, the need for more storage capacity on smaller pocket size media, has exploded into the computer industry.

DiskEng provides comprehensive data recovery support, for all the different memory cards and removable media used everyday.

Whilst most are solid state memory devices and others still use rotating magnetic media, we provide full support for these, should the worst happen.

We can recover data from both logically corrupt and physically damaged removable media. If you encounter a problem with your media, no matter how it occurred, we can recover your data.

Our portable media recovery includes a vast range of devices:

  • SanDisk thumb driveSD memory card
  • XD memory card
  • Compact flash
  • USB flash disk
  • Sony memory stick
  • SSD disk
  • And many others

Our removable media recovery includes other storage media, going back many years:

  • Floppy disk
  • Zip disk
  • Jaz disk
  • LS120
  • CD/DVD
  • Optical MO disks
  • And many others

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