External Drive Reformat Camberley

“A huge relief to get our files back after starting a reformat of our external drive. It was stopped immediately, but the volume was not recognised. Many thanks for the work in returning out files.”

Julian Regan, Camberley

A 1TB Western Digital external hard drive enclosure arrived at our laboratory in Oxford from Camberley which had been reformatted. When our hardware data recovery specialists examined the drive they found no physical problems. Our data recovery engineers were able to secure a sector-by-sector image of the hard disk drive encountering no unreadable bad sectors during the imaging process.

The secured image of the hard disk was examined by our data recovery specialists, who found a partition table entry corresponding to a single 1TB data volume. Our data recovery experts examined the position of the where the volume boot sector and the mirror copy should be located, finding that they were both corrupt. An examination of the data revealed the volume to be a FAT32 data partition, in which the file allocation data appeared to still be intact. It was fortunate that the drive was disconnected before the reformat was able to destroy the data contents of the volume.

Our data recovery specialists were able to recreate the information necessary for our data recovery software to correctly identify the contents of the data volume. The volume was found to contain approximately 630GB of data consisting of a wide range of office documents, videos, photos and other assorted files. The data was extracted and returned to the customer on an external USB drive.

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