Ready for the New Academic Year

The start of the new academic year at school, college and university is a time when many students will either receive a new computer or laptop. For those moving away from home, it also means transporting their computer, laptop or mobile computing device. Over about 6 weeks many students will begin the new academic year, in Scotland the schools have already started back, with England following in September as well as most colleges and some universities starting as late as October.

It when new devices have been purchased that you run the biggest risk of not transferring your data from the old computer, despite most operating systems using dedicated user areas for your files. Many of the old devices will be cleaned before being handed onto a younger relation, at which point any files not copied will most likely be lost forever.

For those students staying campus or in private accommodation away from home, it is important to ensure any computer or laptop which is transported is adequately protected, to avoid any impact which could affect a traditional spinning hard disk drive. Most computing devices will also be attached to different networks, which can pose a security risk, so it is important to ensure your device is protected.

Personal information is now also one of the biggest risks to security, as questions such as your mother’s maiden name, your birthplace and date of birth are quite commonly asked for and in some cases have been used to gain access to websites or set up other online transaction using your name. Going off to study should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, so avoiding any risks which could result in a nightmare scenario is important.

Do not fall victim to a crime using your personal data and ensure your data is also safe, to avoid requiring data recovery, a service most students can ill afford on top of tuition fees, on a student loan.

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