Sudden Laptop Failure Telford

“My laptop started making clicking and other strange noises just before it stopped working. The engineer in the shop suggested sending the laptop for data recovery. Many thanks for hard work in returning my data.”

Will Enstone, Telford

We received a laptop containing a 1TB Toshiba hard disk drive at our laboratory in Oxford from Telford. When the hard disk drive was examined it revealed a failure of the controller board, which resulted in a rapid failure of the laptop. An inspection of the laptop revealed the heatsink and fan were coated with a high level of dust, which was would have severaly reduced the cooling efficiency. This reduction in cooling would quickly have resulted in all the laptop operating at excessively high temperatures.

Through the use of donor parts our hardware data recovery engineers were able to overcome the controller board problem, which allowed them to secure a sector-by-sector image of the drive. Although the drive had operated at high temperatures, only about a dozen unreadable bad sectors were encountered during the imaging process.

When our data recovery specialists examine the image of the drive they located a single NTFS partition which contained the operating system and program files as well as the user data, comprised mainly of photos, videos, mail files, mp3s and office documents, totally approximately 535GB. A scan of the recoverable files revealed the bad sectors were affecting some operating system files.

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