Summer is Fast Approaching

With the daylight hours becoming longer and the weather warmer, it is clear that summer is almost upon us. These are the months of the year when where most holidays are taken and employees are less willing to stay later at work, in order to take advantage of the longer daylight hours. In many companies their employees also enjoy taking pub lunch on the Friday. This is however when small mistakes or oversights can lead to some serious problems.

This when any flaws in your business continuity plan can be exposed, for example finding out that the only employees who know an important access code or password are away on holiday or busy at the same time. An employee who is in a hurry to get leave work, especially when going on holiday, may easily overlook ensuring a file will be backed up or forget to send an important e-mail.

Nobody enjoys contacting an employee who is on holiday, or being the one who is contacted. Most people like to unwind and forgot about their work when on holiday, so it is important that they have passed on all necessary information, or ensure all data files are safe beforehand.

A good business continuity plan will be regularly, particularly following any change in the IT infrastructure, whereby users need to know if there are any operational changes they should be aware of. This could lead to files not being correctly backed up, or a user not modifying the latest version of a file, but an older iteration. This could lead to data loss and wasted man hours, which in today’s economy are extremely important.

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