Seagate Expansion Drive Seizures

Our data recovery specialists have noted a sharp increase in the number of portable Seagate Expansion drives which have suffered a seizure. The Seagate Expansion enclosure suffering the particular issue usually contains a Seagate/Samsung Momentus labelled drive, which in the case of the 1TB version has the Seagate drive number ST1000LM024, but may also have the Samsung part number HNM101MBB.
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USB Drive Failure Wolverhampton

“Excellent service, keeping us updated and well informed during a stressful time. Thanks to the rapid turnaround, we were still able to deploy our latest marketing strategy on time. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone else who suffers a computer hardware failure.”

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Western Digital MyBook Encryption

Western Digital MyBook Elite external hard drives use hardware-based encryption chips. A failure of the enclosure,  will deny direct access to the files, as the drive will return only encrypted data. DiskEng have developed a solution, which circumvents this problem, allowing full data recovery of the files. Read more

External Hard drives

Increase in External Hard drive recoveries; 100GB-1TB desktop drives. Users who have dropped their external USB eSATA or Firewire drives should be aware that the impact on the drive can cause serious read write head failure and more commonly motor seizure. Our data recovery engineers recommend that once a drive has been dropped, “do not power the drive.” Read more