Apple Hack Proof Myth Falls

For many years the Apple marketing campaign made much of how an Apple Mac rarely suffered any form of virus or malware attack, largely due to them being seen as a minority target for malicious hackers. Unfortunately, this had a couple of effects, one it roused hackers and other malicious individuals to formulate methods of attacking computers run OS X and also made many of the users become complacent.

When Apple themselves made an announcement on how safe their computers are, it was like a red rag to a bull for the hacking community, especially as many have a strong dislike of the company. At DiskEng we have seen how there has been a steady increase in Apple Macs arriving for recovery which have suffered a malware attack, often damaging critical file system structures which are used at boot time.

This year has however seen the biggest increase in problems with the first examples of ransomware appearing on Apple Macs, a particularly pernicious piece of software which demands a payment before allowing you to continue using your computer. Apple Macs can also now be infiltrated and used as part of a botnet. Part of the problem is how many users are still using their computer under the illusion that they are completely safe from attack.

It is time for the Apple Mac user base to start taking every precaution they can to avoid being the next victim. Unfortunately, there will be many who either do nothing or will continue to proceed with online activities which put your computer at risk. Worryingly, although this situation is familiar to Windows users, many users still fall victim to malicious software. Another worrying statistic for Apple is that iPhones account for approximately 4 out of 5 mobile phone malicious software attacks.

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