Apple Mac Corruption Warwick

“Very pleased with the professional service in returning my files after they vanished. After rebooting my Mac all my files had disappeared from secondary disk they were stored on. A massive relieve to get them back as I thought I’d lost my photos and scans of old pictures and negatives.

Colin Woakes, Warwick

A 2TB HGST hard disk arrived from Warwick at our laboratory in Oxford. An inspection of the drive by our data recovery hardware specialists revealed there to be no problems with the hard disk. Our data recovery engineers were then able to secure a sector-by-sector image copy of the drive to our servers as per standard data recovery procedures. During the imaging process there were no unreadable bad sectors encountered.

The secured drive was examined by our data recovery specialists, who found a single 2TB HFS Plus data volume on which the volume and catalog headers had been shifted. This appeared to be due to malware which had installed itself on the computer. Fortunately this shifting of the sectors had not overwritten any important data and due corrupting the most important file system metadata areas, it was unable to cause the destruction of user file data.

Our engineers were able to overcome the problem allowing them to analyze the file system which was found to contain approximately 1.1TB of files, which consisted mainly of photos and scanned images, as well as some office documents. These files were returned to the customer on an external hard disk drive.

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