Apple Mac Ransomware Issue Salisbury

“Thanks for returning my files are I was victim to ransomware. I was told that to remove it, it was best to reinstall OS X, but to ensure my files were not lost, should send the disk for data recovery.”

Dieter Hoffman, Salisbury

A 2TB black Western Digital hard disk drive arrived from Salisbury at our laboratory in Oxford. The drive was inspected by our hardware recovery specialists to confirm that it was fully operational. Once this was confirmed a sector-by-sector image copy of the drive was secured. During the imaging process no unreadable bad sectors were encountered.

The secured image of the drive was inspected by our data recovery specialists which revealed a 2TB HFS Plus data volume containing approximately 780GB of recoverable files. The recovered files consisted of operating system files, applications, music files, videos, photos and office documents.

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