Apple Mac Recovery High Wycombe

“Excellent customer service from the very first enquiry, with regular updates during the data recovery service.”

Jane Blacksmith, Blacksmith Photography, High Wycombe

At our laboratory we received a 1TB hard disk drive from High Wycombe, after the Apple Mac containing the hard failed to reboot. When our hardware engineers examined the drive, there were no outward signs of damage. However, during the imaging process, a considerable number of unreadable bad sectors were encountered, particularly clustered in the early part of the drive.

Over time, the hard disk platters will slowly start to encounter bad sectors, which are mapped out automatically by the drive, but spare sectors allocated in the factory. Eventually this list will be exhausted, and they will become apparent to the operating system, and can in some circumstances, such as this case, start to increase at an alarming speed.

When our data recovery specialists examined the image, they found that the majority of the bad sectors were affecting the Catalog and Extent files within the HFS Plus volume contained on the drive. A scan for lost files, found approximately 500GB of recoverable data, mostly image and video files.

We were expecting to find an additional 200GB of files, which could not be access due to the damage to the Catalog and Extent files. Our data recovery specialists then did a raw trawl of the space unused by the recoverable files, and found an additional 150GB of image and video files, most of which were intact.

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