Apple Malware Issue Rotherham

“Highly recommended. Many thanks for recovering my photos and videos following my iMac failing to boot.”

Barry Phillips, Rotherham

We received a 750GB Western Digital hard disk drive from Rotherham at our laboratory in Oxford, which came from an iMac which would not reboot. Our hardware engineers examined the drive, which showed no external signs of damage. Our data recovery specialists secured a sector-by-sector copy of the image to our servers. During the imaging process, no unreadable bad sectors were encountered.

Our data recovery specialists examined the image which contained a single HFS+ data volume. A detailed examination revealed the file system metadata structures, the Catalog and Extent file headers and the HFS Plus volume header had been corrupted. This had been the result of malware being installed on the system.

Using our in-house developed data recovery software, the damage was overcome allowing the Catalog and Extent files to accessed, enabling all the files to be recovered. A scan of the HFS+ volume revealed it to contain approximately 490GB of files, consisting of the operating system and applications files as well as many photos and videos. This data was extracted to an external hard disk for return to the customer.

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