Austerity: Productivity and Data Risk

With the global economic downturn still affecting most companies, it is necessary to find ways in which money can be saved. In many cases this has been at the expense of hardware and IT upgrades, with many staff now working on computers which are several years old. Failures or problems which cause your computer to slow down, increases with age thereby increasing the risk to the stored data.

Using a computer that is several years old is in itself not a big problem, as long as it is regularly checked to ensure it is working properly. Many computer users however lack any technical knowledge of the system they are working on, often accepting that over time the computer is taking to longer to boot up or is not performing anywhere near the speed it is did when new. Even many of those with a working technical knowledge of computer hardware will often ignore warning signs which may indicate an impending failure. This not only causes a reduction in productivity and an increase in frustration, but also risks a failure which leads to the loss of data.

In an effort to save money many companies have reduced also correspondingly cut back on the number of IT staff they employ. This increases the workload on the staff but also risks some important procedures being overlooked which a former employee was responsible for. This may put the safety of your data at risk which could lead to business continuity problems.

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