Birmingham RAID Recovery

“Late Friday night our RAID failed when attempting a rebuild, losing access to our data. We contacted DiskEng around midnight and then rushed the RAID array to Oxford. On Saturday evening they told us all the data was recoverable, and Sunday we were back up and running, with minimal disruption.”

Sohail Rana, SDR Consulting, Birmingham

Early Saturday morning a RAID array containing 10 500GB disks arrived at our data recovery lab in Oxford. The array had failed during a rebuild, due to a problem with at least one other drive. The original failed drive had suffered an electronics failure, which we were able to overcome. Several of the remaining drives had a number of media flaws, which had caused the rebuild failure.

Our RAID data recovery specialists were then able to determine the configuration of the 10 disk RAID 5 array, which contained a single 4TB volume. Despite some damage to the internal file system structures, we were able to recover all of the 2TB of files intact.

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