Cloud Recovery

The use of cloud services has exploded, with new providers springing up every day. The use of cloud services is now often used as a means of backing up and sharing data between computers, which can be in any location.

Many cloud service providers offer security using data encryption, with the client holding the only copy of the private key, which is required to access the data. The loss of this key will render the data stored by the cloud service provider inaccessible.

Although they are reliable, with regular backup schemes in place, data loss from a cloud server is still possible. These data loss situations are very often the result of human error, such as data stores or volumes being accidentally deleted or moved. In rare instances, as with any desktop or server, a hardware problem could also result in the loss of data.

Depending upon the problem that has occurred and the server configuration, cloud recovery may be undertaken remotely, through an on-site connection directly to the service provider’s network, or through physically gaining access to the disks storing the data.

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