LaCie CloudBox

LaCie CloudBoxThe LaCie CloudBox, which comes in three sizes, from 2TB to 4TB since November 2014, is a NAS system, which attaches to a network through gigabit ethernet. It supports SMB and AFP to provide file access from Windows, Linux and Mac OS X computer systems.

The LaCie CloudBox seems to be aimed at the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) market, allowing up to 10 users with password protection. It also allows remote Private Cloud access using LaCie MyNas.

The most common problems encountered with such a cloud system are:

  • CloudBox dropped
  • CloudBox disk drive clicks repeatedly
  • CloudBox access is slow
  • Logical low-level data failure
  • CloudBox will not appear on the network
  • Unable to login into system
  • Data deleted or lost
  • CloudBox keeps restarting/rebooting

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