Cloud Server Recovery London

“Following a sequence of operational errors, we contacted DiskEng data recovery services. All 24TB of data from one of our cloud servers was recovered inside 24 hours. Thanks for the professional and rapid response.”

Client details confidential, London

We received a call from a cloud service provider, where a volume was accidentally deleted from the wrong server. Normally this would not have caused a problem, but a the data from this volume had not be included in the backup schedule.

The data volume in question, had been attached using the iSCSI protocol using a SAN on the network. We were allowed remote read-only access to determine exactly what action was required. The partition table had been deleted, but the data volume was still intact, meaning a full recovery of the data files would be possible.

Our next step was to mobilise an on-site team to undertake the extraction process directly at the client’s premises, to provide the best possible recovery speed. We found 24TB of data contained on the volume, which given a physical 10 gigabit ethernet connection, is approximately 1GB/s, which equates to 60GB/min, and 3.6TB/hr. The data was then extracted over the network directly to a new server.

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