Computer Repair Is All I Need

In the event of a computer failure, it is very common to think that a computer repair is all you require. Depending upon the problem that is encountered, your data may at serious risk, as many computer repair companies are only concerned with getting your desktop or laptop back into a working condition. This can also be the situation, if you attempt a “Do It Yourself” fix, or entrust your drive to a well-meaning friend, to work on your computer.

I Have a Problem, So Ask Advice

If your system boots up but has problems, such as running slowly, crashing or rebooting, the advice you receive at this point is critical to the integrity of your data. Often, the company you contact, be it the reseller or a PC repair shop, may tell you to reinstall the operating system from the disks which either came with your machine, or you created after configuring the computer. This may resolve your problem, but if you have data held on the same drive as the operating system, you will almost certainly lose it. Consider very carefully, before proceeding, as the restore operation is irreversible.

If the machine does not boot, for any variety of issues, from failure of the motherboard, hard disk drive, power supply or other component issue, it is important to understand how some PC repair shops operate. At DiskEng we recommend using a data recovery service, before proceeding with any repair, to guard against data loss, due to any procedure undertaken by a PC repair company.

Data Recovery is Part of The Repair Process

Fortunately many PC repair shops, understand the need for data to be recovered, as part of the repair process. It is often the case that for simple issues, they will use some third party software to do the recovery. A good repair shop will understand at which point the problem with your disk drive is beyond their ability to repair, and often refer to a data recovery company, such as DiskEng. An affiliation to or partnership with a data recovery company should be a good sign that they will not attempt something which will risk the integrity of your data.

Your Data is Important, So Be Careful

In the event of a computer failure it is very important to take the correct steps, to get both the computer working again, and retain all your data. You should not panic, as that is one of the leading causes of making a rash decision, which may render your data unrecoverable.  If your hard disk drive is making noises, the only sensible choice is to send it for data recovery, where hardware specialists, such as those at DiskEng can secure your files.

Attempts to undertake the DIY approach, or having a friend look at the drive, could end disastrously. If you choose to send your computer to a PC repair shop, make sure they fully understand that you have very important data on the drive, and also ensure that they have a data recovery referral scheme with a recognised data recovery company, such as DiskEng.

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