DiskEng® Data Recovery was originally founded in 1998 after a period of consolidation. Originally focusing on computer recovery and peripheral repair in the city of London, DiskEng® Data Recovery then undertook development work in disk engineering technology, which is used in hard disks today.

Realising its potential, DiskEng® Data Recovery was contacted by a number of panic stricken clients after their hard disk stopped working. Due to our excellent working knowledge of hard disks, DiskEng® Data Recovery developed a unique solution to rebuild the clients’ hard disk before recovering all the data.

This was the beginning of DiskEng® Data Recovery, leading to more and more calls for hard disk data recovery since. DiskEng® Data Recovery began providing services originally only to the London area before later moving the headquarters to a more central location in Oxford, in order to better serve the south of England and the rest of the UK.

After a period of rapid growth and further investor interest, DiskEng® Data Recovery naturally expanded its portfolio of services. Today DiskEng® Data Recovery is the UK recognised data recovery service provider, providing services to consumers, businesses and government agencies across the UK, Europe and UAE.

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