• Warning Signs Should Never Be Ignored

    Although many articles about data recovery have been published on IT websites and new services, a high percentage of computer users do not realise that a hard disk drive will at some point fail. It is alarming how often there are warning signs of an imminent failure are ignored by the user, which can result in a critical loss of data.

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  • Malware and Cloud Services

    There are growing concerns about malware and how it is often held on a cloud server with no knowledge of its presence. There is an alarming trend across many companies, whereby their cloud services are not scanned for malware, or they have no idea whether they are.

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  • Reasons for Failure Not Always Obvious

    When a hard disk fails due a problem with the controller board, the reason for the failure is not as obvious as it may seem. Such failures can result from several problems, such as a power surge, heat soak damage or power supply issues.

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  • Heated Dot Magnetic Recording (HDMR)

    Even though Heated Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) based drives have yet to reach the market, the future roadmap of hard disk drive technology is predicting the use of the Heated Dot Magnetic Recording (HDMR) recording technique to increase the capacity of hard disk drives significantly. HA

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  • Don’t Ignore Warning Sounds

    A number of recent hard disk failures has highlighted how often the warning signs of an impending failure are often being ignored, particularly when odd scratching noises have been heard. It is alarming many drives have been heard to make scratching noises, which is ignored, many of which do not report any problems in the S.M.A.R.T. data.

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