Crashed Desktop Drive York

“Windows locked up at the same time as strange noises started coming from the computer. I was advised to send the disk for data recovery. A friend recommended DiskEng to me, who did a great job recovering my documents and data files.”

Edward Wilkins, York

A 2TB Seagate hard disk drive arrived from York at our laboratory facilities. Our hardware specialists examined the drive carefully, which revealed that the read/write heads were damaged and having come into contact with the platters had caused damage to the surface of the platters. Our engineers rebuilt the drive enabling them to secure a sector-by-sector copy of the hard drive with about 10 million unreadable bad sectors encountered, all located within the first 10 percent of the disk.

When a head crash occurs the results will always be severe. In the worst cases, it can result damage across the entire width of the platter. Fortunately, if the drive has been powered down, as in this case, before the damage can become too severe, it may be confined to a relatively small area of the disk, making the chances of a successful data recovery good.

An examination of the image copy of the drive by our data recovery specialists revealed the disk contained two NTFS partitions, a 300GB Windows boot volume and 1.7TB data volume. A detailed analysis of the first partition revealed a lot of damage to data structures and files caused by the large number of bad sectors. Our engineers were able to locate approximately 80GB of recoverable data mainly comprised of operating system and program files.

The 1.7TB NTFS partition was analysed, which contained approximately 1TB of assorted files, including all of the most critical data, such as office documents, photos, music and videos. All files were returned to the customer on an external USB drive. The decision to install the operating system on a small partition at the front of the disk proved to be a good one, as the only lost data was from the operating system partition.

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