D-Link Cloud Failure Bath

“When my D-Link Cloud Storage box failed I thought I might have lost a lot of scanned photos and documents. Thankfully DiskEng did a great job returning my files intact.”

Mark Sawyer, Bath

We received a D-Link Cloud Storage box containing two 2TB Western Digital hard disks from Bath at our laboratory in Oxford. An examination of the hard disks by our hardware engineers revealed that one of the drives had suffered a component failure on the controller board due to overheating.

Our data recovery specialists were able to overcome the problem with the failed drive allowing them to secure sector-by-sector images of both hard disk drives with no errors encountered during the process.

Our data recovery specialists examined both of the secured images of the hard disks which revealed a RAID 1 striped configuration containg a single 4TB NTFS data volume. This data volume contained approximately 1.5TB of files, consisting mostly of scanned documents and photos.

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