Damaged WD My Cloud Bridgwater

“Thanks for recovering my photos, documents other important files after my WD My Cloud box failed.”

Marcus Betts, Bridgwater

A 4TB Western Digital My Cloud unit arrived at our laboratory in Oxford from Bridgwater. An examination of the My Cloud box revealed it to contain a pair of 2TB Blue Western Digital hard disk drives. Our data recovery specialists examined the hard disk drives finding one of them to both be working correctly. Sector-by-sector image copies of both drives were secured to server. During the imaging process, one of the hard drives completed with no errors encountered, while the other contained approximately a dozen unreadable bad sectors.

Our engineers examined the images of the two drives, revealing them to have been configured in a striped RAID 0 configuration. A detailed examination of the drive which contained unreadable bad sectors, revealed that the partition scheme had been damaged, which had caused the volume to go offline. When our data recovery specialists scanned the file system, they found it to contain approximately 1.8TB of data which included a large number of photos, office documents, music files and videos. All the data was successfully recovered and returned to the customer.

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