Data Recovery by Device Manufacturer

Many end users are under the belief that when their hard disk drive or other storage media fails, that the manufacturer is their best option for data recovery. While it is true, that they may have the knowledge to extract the raw data from fully functional hard drive or other storage media, they may lack the knowledge and expertise required to deal properly with a damaged device.

Data recovery companies, such as DiskEng, have over a long period of time, developed the expertise to deal with a large array of possible failure mechanisms, from physical damage, right through to logical damage of the stored data. They also have a full in-depth understanding of the file-system or data backup format which has been stored on the media, which the manufacturer may not.

Drive is Under Warranty

A hard disk drive which is under warranty can be sent back to the manufacturer, but their obligation is only to supply you with a working drive, which may not be your original disk. If a failing or failed disk contains important data, you should first seek to have a data recovery performed on the drive.

The data recovery company will do everything they can to maximise the amount of data that can be successfully recovered. They will if requested return you drive if you still want to send it to the manufacturer under warranty.

What if You Have to Break the Warranty Seals?

In the event that a hard disk drive has to be opened up for the purposes of data recovery, it would under normal circumstances void the manufacturer warranty. Data recovery companies usually have agreements with the drive manufacturers, whereby they place a sticker on the drive, denoting that it was opened by them for the purposes of data recovery.

It is therefore important, that you do not damage the warranty seals, as the data recovery company will have no obligation, and indeed should not place this sticker on a drive opened prior to receiving it. Warranty withstanding, a hard disk drive should only ever be opened by qualified personnel.

Trust Data Recovery Experts

If your hard drive has failed and you can’t access your files, your first priority is to retrieve your data. How you proceed will determine the chances of a successful data recovery. The best course of action is to call a data recovery company, as they will have the knowledge and expertise, built up from years of experience.

The drive manufacturer may have the expertise to fix a failed hard disk drive, or provide a replacement, but they do not have an obligation to recover your files. Neither will they have the detailed expert knowledge of the underlying data structures required to extract your files.

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