Data Recovery Software Development

In order to enhance our data recovery capabilities, we have developed our in-house suite of data recovery software, providing extensive features, and the ability to rapidly develop new solutions as required.

With the rapid increase in hard disk drive capacity, and the additional complexity of RAID array architecture and file system structures, our research and development engineers have been busy developing our suite of data recovery software. Our suite of data recovery software, comprises three Windows based programs, WinDE, WinDR and WinTree, which are used to process the images secured by the hard disk specialists.

WinDE is a disk editor, which allows the disk structures to be viewed, edited and traversed. A virtual mount of file system can be done, allowing the data recovery engineer to quickly determine any problems, and search for critical files required by the client.

WinDR is the data recovery tool, which processes each of the file systems selected, producing a database containing all the relevant file system structures. The resulting database can then be viewed in WinTree, allowing us to perform many tasks, including searches, creating file lists and extracting the data files.

Of great importance is that, when file systems are newly developed, or the version updated, our software development team can very quickly produce a solution. Any hard drive data recovery sent to us, can potentially have corruption within the file system structures, and a solution can only be produced in-house, to maintain the security of your data.

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