Data Recovery

Data Recovery is the process of salvaging or extracting data from failed, damaged, corrupted, overwritten or inaccessible storage media, when access by normal methods is not possible.

Data can be recovered from any storage media format, such as CD, DVD, hard drives, backup tapes, RAID storage servers and various other removable storage devices.

Do I need Data Recovery?

Data recovery is required when the user data or system data files become inaccessible because of physical damage to the storage media or logical damage to the stored data files, file system or operating system.

Storage devices can encounter physical damage due to extreme operating conditions or external influences such as overheating or physical knocks to the storage media.

Logical damage is caused by any activity that corrupts the data, file system or operating system, such as a system crash, malicious software or power failures. You will need data recovery if any of the symptoms below are reported and you are unable to access your data.

Typical Symptoms

Computer will not boot
Computer freezes
Computer keeps rebooting
Computer reports disk failure
Blue or Blank screen
Hard disk not detected in BIOS
Hard disk makes clicking sound
Hard disk not spinning
Hard disk formatted
Data files lost, deleted or missing
Data files will not open
Partitions deleted or formatted
Partitions inaccessible
Server will not boot
Server freezes or running slow
Server keeps rebooting
Server reports disk failure
Server reports error codes
RAID controller failure
RAID disk failure
RAID volume deleted or missing
RAID configuration corrupt
RAID array offline
Server files locked
Sever files corrupt
Server files deleted or lost
Tape fails to load or unload
Tape fails to catalogue
Tape reports block errors
Tape report read errors
Tape media snapped
Tape media de-spooled
Backup reports missing tapes
Backup restores corrupt data
Backup not recognised
Backup incomplete
Restore fails
Tape accidentally reinitialised
Tape overwritten

Help, I need Data Recovery

Your data can be recovered quickly and safely by DiskEng professional data recovery services. For immediate help and advice fill in our online form or contact us now, we are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

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