Business Continuity

DiskEng data recovery services are key service providers for business continuity plans that require immediate data recovery response. Supporting clients across many different sectors, we offer 24-hour emergency data recovery services when IT matters the most.

We have saved many companies, across different sectors from the brink of company closure and bankruptcy, because of natural and accidental disasters, which brought their core operations and services to a halt, directly affecting their customers and the livelihood of many employees, shareholders and even the company directors future business prospects.

We have recovered critical data from laptops, desktop, backup tapes, removable media and multi disk RAID servers which have suffered accidental damage from serious fire and water. Some of these have contained years of business critical data, for which the clients had no backup or any contingency plans in place, putting their entire business and its only irreplaceable assets at risk.

DiskEng data recovery services are now incorporated into the business continuity plans of many of these companies and organisations and immediately called upon in the event of a disaster affecting the clients data or storage systems, whether caused by human error or natural disaster; criminal or accidental.

We are now the first point of call for any storage media failures that require our expert data recovery incident response. With our 24 hour Emergency data recovery services, we are geared up to minimise the effects of our clients data loss by providing fast data recovery solutions, which ensure lost data is recovered within their business continuity strategies.

Disaster Recovery

In the business world, companies and organisations of all sizes and sectors are at risk from the effects of disaster. Independent statistics claim up to 90% of businesses that lose data caused by a disruption or disaster, are forced to close down within two years. Every area of your business has a function and may play a part in the operation of the business. If a disaster affects one of these critical areas, what would be the potential effects?

Whilst damaged property, equipment and resources may be replaceable, what happens to years of company archive data, live data and data which has not backed up and is essential to the core operations of your business? How long can your business continue without this critical data? With no access to live databases and accounts, how will you contact suppliers and invoice customers? How much will it cost the business to recreate this data, and what is the hourly and daily loss in revenue to the business because of this disaster?

Most companies and organisations have put in place regular data backup regimes, but local media such us laptop, desktop, external or removable media, which may not have been backed up or even the failure of the backup data copy itself, need to be considered. Disasters from a simple virus attack of the company server to actual failure of the server media or external power outage to complete destruction of company data from accidental or malicious acts by employees and internal staff also need to be considered.

These are all real possibilities which could jeopardise your business continuity. Businesses need to face this possibility by taking measures to ensure that they can continue to operate during a serious disaster. Every business should plan for potential disruption. An effective business continuity and disaster recovery procedure, can significantly reduce the impact on your productivity, employees, customers, revenue and ultimately the survival of your business.

Business Responsibility

The most important factors to consider amongst many, are where you work and any offsite facilities, who your key employees are, the computer technology and what essential data your business simply cannot operate without. Business continuity plans are the responsibility of the directors and key management, who must ensure that an appropriate up to date and executable plan is in place, to protect the interests of all concerned.

At DiskEng we have a key role in many of our clients business continuity plans. With multi level services to suit individual circumstances and our professional data recovery services available 24/7 365 days a year, we can guarantee service availability for your business continuity needs.

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