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DiskEng the UK recognised data recovery service provider, offer a comprehensive range of data recovery services across the whole of the UK from our laboratory facilities located in the Oxford Science Park in Oxford.

Our services include, the provision of guaranteed data recovery, RAID recovery and disk recovery solutions for businesses, institutes and government agencies based in and around the Bridgewater area including North Petherton, Puriton, Woolavington, Wembdon, Burham-on-Sea, Highbridge, Edington, Pawlett, Spaxton, Broomfield, Burrow Bridge, Enmore, Nether Stowey and others.

Bridgwater is a market town located on the River Parrett, in the county of Somerset approximately 10 miles from the mouth of the river. Bridgwater (Population 2011: 35,885) lies at the edge of the Somerset Levels, a level mainly wooded area. To the north are the Mendips and to the west the Quantock Hills. Being located on a river close to the coast, Bridgwater has been a major port and trading centre, for which it maintained a large industrial base. Bridgwater appears in the Domesday Book as well as the earlier Anglo-Saxon Chronicle dating from about 800 AD, already a trade centre due to its advantageous position. The start of the 13th century saw several monasteries and the castle built and the market constructed. This allowed free trade to members, but allowed them to impose payments and restrictions upon others, resulting peasants in the town partaking of the Peasants’ Revolt in 1381, sacking Sydenham House, destroying records and murdering the local tax collectors. The markets and fairs were important for the sale of wool, wine and cloth, which declined during medieval times, being revived when a new port was built in 1841. Corn and timber have also been important commodities traded in the town.

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Bridgewater Castle Royalist stronghold, was destroyed by Oliver Cromwell in 1646 following a failed assassination attempt the year before. The Chandos Glass Cone was constructed in 1725 as a firing kiln use in the glassworks, part of the industrial development of the time. Later the kiln was converted for the production of pottery, bricks and tiles, which was discontinued in 1939. The Industrial Revolution saw the building of the canal, connecting the town to Taunton and the construction of the railway. Bridgwater remains the main industrial centre of Somerset, despite the collapse of the brick and tile making companies following the Second World War. Iron foundaries were also constructed in the 19th century, providing materials for building bridges, railways and machinery used by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Robert Stephenson. The current important industries in the town include the production plastics, engine components, industrial chemicals and food. Bridgwater is also home to a couple of major distribution centres.

With industrial companies a major part of the towns economy, data recovery requirements cover a wide range of storage devices, from enterprise level NAS and SAN RAID array systems through to desktop, laptop and external hard disk drives and USB flash device. DiskEng can provide the data recovery solution to suit your requirements, whatever the capacity of your storage device and the fault which caused the failure. Recent comments by customers requiring data recovery in Bridgewater are below.


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    “Highly recommended. Great job in returning the files after our server failed. An engineer came on-site, but couldn’t fix it, due to a broken disk. Many thanks guys.”

    Richard Clarke, Doncaster

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    "Highly recommended. Many thanks for recovering my photos and videos following my iMac failing to boot."

    Barry Phillips, Rotherham

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Bridgewater Data Recovery

Require data recovery at work or the home in the Bridgewater area? DiskEng are ready to take your call now. You can talk to a data recovery engineer who can give you guidance about our recovery processes and your best options and your data recovery requirements.

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