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As the UK recognised data recovery service provider, we offer data recovery services covering the entire UK from our central engineering facilities headquarters, located at the Oxford Science Park in Oxford.

This includes providing guaranteed data recovery, RAID recovery and disk recovery solutions for businesses, institutes and government agencies based in and around the Leeds area including Headingley, Roundhay, Castleford, Pudsey, Dewsbury, Wetherby, Horsforth, Bramley and others.

Leeds (population: 757,000 in 2011) is a city in West Yorkshire, and the third largest in the UK. After the industrial revolution, Leeds went from almost solely producing and tradng in wool, to an major mill town. Industries in flax, engineering, iron foundries, printing started to flourish. Leeds is now the largest legal centre outside London, as well as the fifth largest financial and insurance service industry. It is also home to over 30 call centres, providing employment for over 20,000 people. Leeds is approximately 150 miles north of Oxford, with road access via a route along the M1, M42 and M40. In an emergency, it is possible to fly to Oxford Airport in Kidlington, the busiest light airport in the country.

Data Recovery Leeds UK

For companies in the legal, financial and insurance service industries, business continuity is imperative. Any loss of data could have serious consequences, and knock-on effects for days, months and in the worst cases years to come. A disaster recovery plan is therefore one of the most important decisions a company can make, as it could be the difference between continued success or failure. Setting up the appropriate disaster recovery plan, can give you peace of mind, and if a disaster should occur it will help you to make the correct decisions, without resorting to any rash solutions.

Here at DiskEng we can provide that peace of mind, as we see a variety of different computer systems and devices arriving for data recovery, from removable media, laptops and desktops through to high-end server systems containing complex RAID arrays. Our data recovery services will cover the requirements of every company, no matter how big or small, whatever the scale of the problem.

Data loss for businesses, especially for companies who rely on access to large quantities of the most up-to-date information, could be catastrophic. Choosing the correct data recovery solution, from a company such as DiskEng, who specialise in professional data recovery services, is extremely important. Below are the recent comments of clients requiring data recovery in Leeds.


  • Power Damaged Hard Drive Leeds

    "In the severe weather conditions, our office suffered damage. This caused damage to several admin computers, and our main server, bringing our operations to a standstill. DiskEng were recommended to us, and we sent the server and two of the admin desktop machines to their labs. After two days, the server drive was fully recoverable, with the admin machines suffering some damage to the Windows operating system files. By the third day our operations were back up and running. Many thanks to Brian for your support and advice."

    B M Totham, Elphick Engineering Ltd, Leeds

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Data recovery Leeds

Need data recovery service in Leeds or the surrounding area? Phone DiskEng to talk to a disk data recovery specialist today and get assistance with your hard drive recovery.

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