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As the UK recognised data recovery service provider, we at DiskEng offer data recovery services covering the entire UK from our central engineering facilities headquarters, located at the Oxford Science park in Oxford.

This includes providing guaranteed data recovery, hard disk recovery, RAID recovery, cloud recovery and tape recovery solutions, for businesses, institutes and government agencies based in London and the surrounding areas; including Bromley, Ealing, Greenwich, Harrow, Ealing, Hounslow, Newham, Southwark, Wandsworth, Westminster, Kensington, Chelsea and others.

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom, and the financial and administrative centre of the country. London is home to a large number of insurance and financial services companies, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and many of the corporations listed on the FTSE 100 index. It plays host to a vast array of companies, including a large proportion of the country’s internet and cloud service providers.

London is also a major academic centre, with many universities and educational establishments throughout the Greater London region, many providing important research facilities and institutes, along with many important commercial research companies across a wide range of disciplines, including pharmaceutics, information technology, electronics and finance. Our laboratory facility in Oxford is easy to access from London, located approximately 60 miles west of the city centre, via the M40 or by train from Paddington Station.

London Data Recovery UK

With the diverse array of companies in the London area, our clients have sent us a wide range of systems requiring recovery, from laptops, desktop computers, external USB drives, through to some of the largest SAN and NAS RAID array servers, being used by internet and cloud service providers.

Business continuity of is of the utmost importance, especially when competition is fierce, so when disaster strikes it is important to have the best data recovery solution at hand. For some companies, particularly those storing vast quantities of data on RAID servers, being able to minimise the downtime caused by a disaster, could be the main determining factor in their long term survival.

We have undertaken many RAID server recoveries, when a failure of the array has occurred. The reason for these failures are usually caused by either a physical failure of the hard disk drives, or software corruption. In rare instances a failure of the RAID hardware can also render the client’s data files inaccessible.

Our advanced data recovery services provide the required solution for all occurrences of data loss, no matter how large or small the system which has failed. Below are the recent comments of customers who have required data recovery in and around the London area.


  • Fire Damaged Desktop London

    "Following a fire I sought advice about recovering my data. DiskEng proved particularly helpful as I didn’t know about keeping the drives wet after the fire had been put out. Huge thanks for all the hard work in recovering all my important data."

    D Stringer, Home User, Harrow, London

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  • Laptop Hard Drive Recovery London

    "When my laptop died, thought my research data and thesis were lost. Thanks to the excellent laptop data recovery service, DiskEng have saved the day. Many thanks."

    JL Fearney, Research Student, London

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  • Cloud Server Recovery London

    "Following a sequence of operational errors, we contacted DiskEng data recovery services. All 24TB of data from one of our cloud servers was recovered inside 24 hours. Thanks for the professional and rapid response."

    Client details confidential, London

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  • RAID Data Recovery London

    "Thanks to DiskEng emergency data recovery services, our critical server data was fully recovered within 24 hours"

    N.Jeewa, Dept of Medicine, (UCL) University College London

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  • RAID Recovery London

    "Three of our RAID hard drives failed in the main windows file server. Without delay the server was delivered at midnight to DiskEng Data Recovery facility. Despite three hard drives down DiskEng retrieved all the server data, excellent results"

    Rick.Mangino, Portugalia, London

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Data recovery London

Work in the London area and your RAID server failed? Simply power down your server and contact DiskEng data recovery specialists for an immediate response and guidance.

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