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DiskEng the UK recognised data recovery service provider, offer a comprehensive range of data recovery services across the whole of the UK from our laboratory facilities located in the Oxford Science Park in Oxford.

Our services include, the provision of guaranteed data recovery, RAID recovery and disk recovery solutions for businesses, institutes and government agencies based in and around the Newport area including Cwmbran, Caerleon, Nash, Marshfield, Bettws, Llanfrechfa, Underwood, Machen, St Brides, Newbridge on Usk, Rhwderin, Duffryn, Rogerstone, Risca and others.

Newport is a city located on the estuary of the River Usk in south west Wales in the county of Gwent. Newport (Population in 2011: 145,700) is the third largest city in Wales and forms a part of the larger Cardiff-Newport metropolitan area and only granted city status in 2002. Until the collapse of the mining industry, Newport was best known as a coal exporting port and despite the decline in the importance of the docks it remains an important manufacturing and engineering centre.

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Bronze Age fishermen settling on the fertile banks of the River Usk estuary and later the surrounding hills are the earliest known settlements in the Newport area. The Romans built the fort at Caerleon, further up the River Usk which defended the river crossing at the edge of the empire. Saint Woolos church, now Newport Cathedral, was according to legend founded in the 5th century by Saint Gwynllywg, the patron saint of Newport and King of Gwynllwg although its existence can only be verified back to the 9th century.

The current settlement of Newport was founded when the Normans arrived in the late 11th century and built Newport Castle and river crossing downstream of the Roman town of Caerleon.  The original Welsh name for Newport was Casnewydd-ar-Wysg, literally translating to ‘New-Castle-on-Usk’ which refers to the original castle ruins in the city centre. The Newport Docks grew rapidly during the Industrial Revolution due to the importance of supplying coal and iron which arrived via canals. By the start of the 20th century the docks were already in decline, with the Town Dock filled in during 1930 as a result of the effects from the Great Depression.

The opening of the Llanwern steelworks in 1962 and the later construction of the Severn Bridge and the M4 motorway helped to significantly boost the local economy. The decline of the Llanwern steelworks in the 1980’s threatened the prosperity of the town but construction of a microprocessor factory helped establish a number of technology companies in the area. Newport therefore has a mix of data recovery requirements, ranging from low end units, such as laptop, desktop and external hard disks, through to enterprise level data storage solutions using SAN and NAS RAID technology. Recent comments by customers requiring data recovery in Newport are below.


  • Seagate Disk Failure Newport

    “It had been noticeable that Windows was taking longer to boot up, but didn’t realise it might be a warning sign. One morning Windows would not start at all, so I called for help and sending the disk to DiskEng was the suggestion. Thanks for all the work in returning my files."

    Gareth Owen, Newport

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Live or work in Newport or Gwent area and need data recovery services? Contact DiskEng to consult with a data recovery specialist about your data recovery needs so they can guide you through the process.

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