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DiskEng as the recognised UK data recovery service provider, offer data recovery services covering the whole of UK from our laboratory facilities that are located in the Oxford Science Park in Oxford.

Our services include, the provision of guaranteed data recovery, RAID recovery and disk recovery solutions for businesses, institutes and government agencies based in and around the Nottingham area including West Bridgford, Trowell, Carlton, Bingham, Beeston, Arnold, Long Eaton and others.

Nottingham is a city in the county of Nottinghamshire, located approximately 30 miles south of Sheffield and 30 miles north of Leicester on the River Trent. Nottingham (Population in 2011: 310,837) is most famously linked to the legend of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest. It is also well known for lace making, bicycle manufacturing and the tobacco industry.

Nottingham Data Recovery UK

During Anglo-Saxon times the Nottingham area was part of the Kingdom of Mercia. In the Brythonic language it was known as Tigguo Cobauc, which means Place of Caves. Under the rule of the Saxon chieftain Snot is became known as Snotingaham, meaning the homestead of Snot’s people. Due to the Robin Hood legend Nottingham is a popular tourist destination.

During the Industrial Revolution the prosperity of Nottingham was founded upon the textile industry, in particular the manufacture of lace, although it has severely declined during the last half century. Nottingham is home to the headquarters of several companies, across a wide range of industries, from pharmaceuticals, electronics, energy providers, software development and financial institutions.

With many large companies based in Nottingham there is a considerable requirement for data recovery from enterprise level storage solutions, including NAS and SAN RAID servers. With a large population there is also the need for data recovery from other types of computer systems, ranging from desktops and laptops through to external hard disks and USB sticks. Whatever your data recovery requirement, DiskEng can provide the appropriate solution from any system and problem. Recent comments by customers requiring data recovery in Nottingham are below.


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    "After our PC crashed and froze many times, we contacted our supplier who recommended DiskEng to us. A big thank you for recovering our data from the failed drive. Excellent service and advice from friendly staff."

    AB Van Heeren, Altench Ltd, Nottingham

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Nottingham Data recovery

In the Nottingham area, and require data recovery services, at home or for business? Contact DiskEng and talk now with a data recovery specialist for guidance with your hard disk drive recovery.

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