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As the UK recognised data recovery service provider DiskEng, offer comprehensive data recovery services across the whole of the UK from our laboratory facilities located in the Oxford Science Park in Oxford.

Our services include, the provision of guaranteed data recovery, RAID recovery and disk recovery solutions for businesses, institutes and government agencies based in and around the Worcester area including Bromsgrove, Redditch, Tewkesbury, Ledbury, Evesham, Alcester, Stourport-on-Severn, Stoke Prior, Pershore, Alvechurch others.

Worcester is a city and county town of Worcestershire located on the River Severn in the West Midlands are of England. Worcester (Population in 2011: 100,842) is situated 17 miles southwest of Birmingham’s suburbs and 23 miles north of Gloucester. A ford across the River Severn was part of a trade route, making it an ideal location for town, with fortifications made by the Britons around 400BC. Charcoal from the Forest of Dean was used by the Romans to operate kilns and ironworks on the site. The town was destroyed in 1041 as the result of a rebellion against Harthcanute’s punitive taxation. The town was attacked several times during the 12th century during the civil war between the forces of King Stephen and Empress Matilda, the daughter of Henry I.

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During the late medieval times with the town’s population about 10,000 cloth manufacturing became the major industry. Although supporting the parliamentary cause before Oliver Cromwell overthrew the monarchy in 1642 it was under Royalist occupation for most of the war. The Battle of Worcester in 1651 saw Charles II attempt to regain the crown, which he lost, resulting in exile before eventually regaining the monarchy in 1660. Worcester is probably best known for Royal Worcester porcelain, which was founded in 1751. Worcester also became a centre for glove production from the late 18th to the early 19th century. Trade expanded substantially with the building of the Worcester and Birmingham Canal in 1815 allowing goods to be transported easily to other areas.

The British Medical Association was founded at the old Worcester Royal Infirmary in Castle Street 1832. Much of the old Royal Infirmary was demolished to make way for building the University of Worcester, although some of the original Georgian buildings were preserved, one housing a medical museum called The Infirmary. During World War II Worcester was chosen as the location for an evacuated government, in the event of a German invasion. Worcester is also renowned for its engineering, with iron foundries, machine tool production, tin can manufacturing and mining engineering amongst the many light industries.

Data recovery requirements in the Worcester area cover all areas of storage, from enterprise solutions at the high end, such as NAS and SAN RAID servers, right through to the more common desktop, laptop and external hard disk drives and USB solid state devices. No matter the size of your storage device or the problem encountered, DiskEng have a data recovery solution to suit your requirements. Recent comments by customers requiring data recovery in Worcester are below.


  • Dropped Macbook Recovery Worcester

    "Dropped my Macbook and it refused to boot again. DiskEng were recommended to me by a friend. A big thank you for returning all my important photos and documents."

    Ms T Macdonald, Self-employed, Worcester

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Live in Worcester or the Worcestershire area and require data recovery services? Then contact DiskEng to talk to a data recovery specialist about your data recovery requirements, who will guide through the process.

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