Computer Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of salvaging or extracting data from an inaccessible, failed or damaged digital storage media, when access by normal or recommended methods is not possible. This can be due to an electronic, mechanical or software failure. Computer data recovery is required when data from digital media such as hard disk drives, multiple disk RAID arrays, tape storage media, solid state media, CD, DVD’s and any other type of media which stores data, becomes inaccessible.

Although the majority of today’s storage media are fast and reliable, sudden changes in environmental, electrical and mechanical conditions can cause them to become unstable. The additional risk of user error can cause logical or software corruption which may prevent normal access to any stored data. All of these are contributing factors and will normally require computer data recovery to gain access to the data.

Software Damage

The most frequent causes of data loss through software corruption are usually due to, corrupt operating system installations, system upgrades that cause corruption to stored system data files or changes made to stored data that fails to correctly update the file system. This can happen if partially corrupt or damaged data is written to the file system which is incomplete or incompatible with the file system data structures.

Other causes of corruption to the storage media may be due to, temporary physical interference during data write operations or if the file system itself becomes unstable because of internal corruption. Although some file systems are able to overcome minor errors, most lead to further serious corruption which requires computer data recovery for a complete data recovery solution.

Physical Damage

The majority of today’s storage media continue working for many years. Unfortunately there are those that do not and these are generally the ones, which have either been handled incorrectly during transportation, installation or have been running under extreme environmental conditions. Running under extreme environmental conditions, can cause component failure, mechanical failure or additional firmware corruption to temperature sensitive electronic components. The most common hard drive faults are due to failures of the electronic disk controller, read/write head or spindle motor. These failures can cause serious damage to stored data and will require computer data recovery for a complete data recovery solution.

What happens next?

When you are faced with a problem which prevents access to your data, it can be untimely and very worrying. Unfortunately from our experience most user reactions often lead to further damage and sometimes complete data loss. It is worth mentioning that in all cases, it is a fundamental consideration to be sure that any tests, fixes, updates or recovery attempts that you try, can be reversed. If not, then you should stop, as there is the risk of permanent damage resulting in data loss. It is in your interest to prevent further damage and seek professional advice before it is too late.

Seek Professional Advice

DiskEng advanced computer data recovery services are governed by our strict quality control policy, which ensures professional practices throughout the entire examination and recovery of your critical data. Our proven two stage data recovery process is not only monitored but is also accountable during the entire process which ensures that every client receives consistent services every time.

With proprietary advanced computer data recovery tools and in depth knowledge of the inner workings of many different types of files systems, including our extensive experience and knowledge of the finely engineered mechanisms in all hard drives and storage media, we are able to provide an unparalleled solution for your data recovery needs 24/7 365 days a year, from our central engineering facilities. Contact us immediately if you require data recovery and suspect a problem with your laptop, desktop or RAID server.

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