Data Recovery Specialist

As the UK recognised data recovery service provider, we know that our clients expect only the best data recovery company to handle their recovery needs. To ensure we maintain this level of client confidence, we employ world class data recovery experts who offer diverse understanding of computing to the most detailed of knowledge required, to achieve consistent results for any recovery problem.

DiskEng data recovery specialists are qualified engineers with the minimum qualification, a degree in BEng(Hons). All our data recovery specialist engineers have on average, 10 years of data recovery experience, having performed hundreds of successful data recoveries over the years. With this level of expertise, we can achieve data recovery from even the most complex of failures and from any type of media, hard disk tape or RAID.

To ensure we remain ahead of the competition, we have an on going research and development program, that provides our data recovery specialist engineers with the latest recovery tools and techniques. They are required to keep up with the ever changing storage media and critical failures that affect the data storage industry.

We provide professional data recovery services, that offers a very fast turnaround, ensuring business continuity for our clients. Our teams of multi-disciplined data recovery specialist engineers, can handle any type problem, what ever the cause, with many years experience in advanced recovery techniques and a wealth of technical knowledge. These skills include:

  • Software Engineering
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Data Engineering
  • Systems Engineering

We are here to help

DiskEng is committed to helping our clients limit the effects of their data loss. Over the years we have seen that the effects of data loss can be devastating for some businesses that are unprepared or have no disaster contingency plans in place. The statistics alone are alarming and are a clear indication of the important of your data.

The aftermath of data loss can bring some businesses to a turning point, which directly impacts on the survival of their business, since the option to recreate the lost data may be beyond the financial means of the business. We understand these concerns and pressure, which our clients may face in this situation.

To minimise the effects of data loss, we have tailored our recovery services to suit your needs. With teams of experienced specialist engineers and the most comprehensive professional recovery service, backed with expedite 24 hour emergency services, we can deliver guaranteed results when it matters the most.

Do not take chances

If you suffer data loss, however sudden, whether its your laptop, desktop, tape data backup or the company RAID server, what should you do? Firstly, do not panic, as there is professional help available if required. Secondly do not take chances with your data and carefully consider your options before making any decisions, as it could be critical for your data.

Simple events such as powering the computer or even worse making changes to the data, can have devastating effects on the true integrity of your data. This is especially important, if the original problem is related to a physical hard disk failure, since this can amplify the magnitude of problem many times.

If in doubt, consider the possible effects of what you are about to attempt. If the data is completely lost beyond recovery by your actions, is there an escape method, or can your business continue without the lost data? If the answer is no, then stop and immediately contact our data recovery specialist engineers for professional advice and solutions, that will guarantee the recovery of your business critical data.

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