Dead Disk Drive Cheltenham

“After a power cut my disk was not recognise by my computer. A colleague recommended DiskEng to me. Huge thanks for recovering my documents and data files.”

Steven Highfield, Cheltenham

We received a 2TB Samsung hard disk drive from Cheltenham at our laboratory in Oxford. An inspection of the drive by our hardware specialists revealed that the power regulator had been damaged when the power surge occurred. Additionally it was found that the read/write heads had become stuck to the surface of the platters, causing some damage in those areas. Our engineers were able to overcome the problems rebuilding the drive in the process, which enabled them to secure a sector-by-sector copy of the hard drive. Approximately a thousand unreadable bad sectors were encountered during the imaging process.

When a drive powers down whilst in operation, it is vulnerable to additional problems. These can range from a read/write head failure, often as a result of the heads stopping while over the surface of the platters.

Our data recovery specialists examined the image copy of the drive which revealed the disk contained a single 2TB NTFS partition. A detailed analysis of the partition revealed approximately 1.3TB of files consisting of a mixture of operating system files, applications, office documents, videos, music files and photos. Due to the drive failing while it was still operating, a few temporary files were damaged as a result of data not having been saved. Fortunately the bad sectors encountered were confined to a few operating system and program files.

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