Dead Server System Canterbury

“Thanks for returning our data following the failure of our server. Arrived on Monday morning to find it dead, with our data returned a couple of days later. Many thanks for the hard work.”

Oliver Wilson, Canterbury

We received a 4TB HGST hard disk drive at our laboratory in Oxford from Canterbury. An examination of the hard disk drive by our hardware data recovery engineers which revealed a failure of the control board, probably the result of running at too high a temperature. Using a donor controller board our data recovery engineers were able to overcome the issue, allowing them to secure a sector-by-sector image of the disk. During the imaging process approximately a hunder unreadable bad sectors were encountered.

The image of the drive was examined by our data recovery engineers who found it to contain a 1TB NTFS operating system volume and a 3TB NTFS data volume. These volumes contained 430GB and 1.6TB of data respectively, the first consisting of operating system and program files, which the second contained many images, scanned files, photos, video and a large assortment of office documents. A detailed scan revealed that all the bad encountered during the imaging process were affecting the operating system volume.

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