Desktop Power Surge Problem Lancaster

“Very pleased with the excellent work returning my data, when my PC would not recognise the secondary disk after booting up following a brief power outage.”

Geoff Ward, Lancaster

We received a 3TB Western Digital hard disk drive at our laboratory in Oxford from Lancaster. An examination of the hard disk drive by our hardware data recovery engineers revealed that the power regulator on the controller board had burnt out due to a power surge when the electricity went off. Our hardware data recovery specialists were able to overcome the problem by replacing the power regulator allowing them to secure a sector-by-sector image of the disk. During the imaging process no unreadable bad sectors were encountered resulting in a clean image of the drive.

Our data recovery engineers examined the image of the drive finding It to contain a single 3TB NTFS data volume contained approximately 770GB of recoverable files. These consisted largely of photos plus an assortment of music files, videos and office documents. Although the drive was powered up at the time when the power surge occurred a detailed scan did not reveal any noticeable damage, although any file being written to at that precise could potentially contain some corrupt data or be incomplete.

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