DiskWatch Release Imminent

The DiskEng software development team are pleased to announce the imminent release of the free software utility called DiskWatch. The DiskWatch utility is a lightweight application designed to monitor the health of all the internal hard disk drives in a computer. The temperature, at which a hard disk is operating, is of great importance, as high temperatures will reduce the lifespan of the components used with the drive and controller board.

Most computer users can become complacent about the hard disk drives in their computer, often failing to back up some important data. It is therefore wise to install a utility which is able to monitor the health of your hard disk drives, so that an impending failure may be detected before it is too late to keep your data files safe.

It is wise to take action when any warnings are received, as they may indicate the drive is starting to fail. While problems can be detected, no timescale can be given on when any failure may occur, which could render the drive inoperable. A regular backup plan is preferable, but many of us have busy lives often forgetting to back data up, so any help in averting a disaster before it is too late is useful.

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