Address Label

Shipping Recommendations – Follow these methods, which ensure your media has adequate protection, allow for efficient processing by DiskEng.

  1. Package your media into an antistatic bag and surrounded with bubble wrap.
  2. Place your wrapped media into a box with foam inserts, at least double the size of the wrapped media.
  3. Include completed pages 2 and 3 from the quote form with your media and seal the box securely.
  4. Print out the Shipping Label for the appropriate office by clicking the link provided below and securely fix the label to the front of the package.
  5. Insert the job number on the Shipping Label.
  6. Please indicate the service level you require on the label.
  7. Send your package to us using a courier service or insured delivery.

Download DiskEng Oxford Office Shipping Label
Download DiskEng London Office Shipping Label

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