Dropped Disk Confusion Norwich

”Thanks for all the work in recovering my data after the problems with my external drive. Also learned a valuable lesson about the information required when a drive fails as the result of an incident.”

AE Fry, Norwich

We received a 3TB Western Digital My Passport external drive arrived from Norwich at our laboratory in Oxford. An inspection of the drive by our data recovery hardware specialists revealed that the drive had a fault, which was not entirely consistent with a firmware failure. Our data recovery engineers made a detailed analysis of the controller board, but were unable to find any problems with any of the electronic components. It was suspected that with the strange behaviour of the drive that there may be a physical problem, but were loath to open the drive without justification.

Following a chat with the customer it was confirmed that the drive had recently been dropped, which was not indicated on the recovery form. Following the disclosure of this information our engineers opened the drive and found that the read/write heads were damaged by the impact when the drive was dropped. Out data recovery engineers were then able to overcome the problem which allowed them to secure a sector-by-sector image copy of the drive to our server. During the imaging process approximately 20 unreadable bad sectors encountered, which may have occurred as the result of the impact.

The image secured was examined by our data recovery specialists, revealing a single 3TB NTFS data volume. An analysis of the file system found approximately 1.4TB of files, consisting mainly of photos, videos and music files, plus some assorted office documents. Despite the bad sectors encountered during the imaging, they were found to be located in free space, having no effect on any of data.

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