Dropped External Drive Peterborough

“My external drive box fell of my desk onto the floor and failed to respond afterwards when plugged into my computer. The shop explained that data recovery was my best option. After much research I chose DiskEng who did a great job to recover my most important files, in particular my accounts.”

Thomas Duffield, Freelance Writer, Peterborough

Fortunately when the drive suffered the impact it was not in operation, which might have seen the read/write heads impact with the surface of the platter. It is also fortunate that when the drive was attached to the computer that drive was unable to spin up properly, otherwise additional damage may have occurred. The bad sectors encountered during the imaging process appear to be the result of the normal operation of the drive, whereby bad sectors accumulate, eventually resulting in them becoming apparent to the operating system.

The secure image copy of the drive was examined by our data recovery specialists, which revealed the disk contained a single 1TB HFS Plus data partition. A detailed analysis of the partition revealed approximately 430GB of assorted files consisting office documents, accounting data, music files and photos. The bad sectors encountered during the imaging process caused damage to a couple of photos, but the most critical file containing the accounting data were undamaged.

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