Customer Reviews

  • Windows Server Failure Doncaster

    “Highly recommended. Great job in returning the files after our server failed. An engineer came on-site, but couldn’t fix it, due to a broken disk. Many thanks guys.”

    Richard Clarke, Doncaster

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  • Apple Malware Issue Rotherham

    "Highly recommended. Many thanks for recovering my photos and videos following my iMac failing to boot."

    Barry Phillips, Rotherham

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  • Dropped USB Drive Ipswich

    "Most grateful for the return of my files are I dropped my external disk on the floor. It then would not mount and made a slightly strange noise. A friend told me to send it for data recovery as the only solution. Many thanks."

    Warren Wilson, Ipswich

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  • Damaged WD My Cloud Bridgwater

    "Thanks for recovering my photos, documents other important files after my WD My Cloud box failed."

    Marcus Betts, Bridgwater

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  • Re-initialised USB drive Dartford

    "A big thank you for recovering my files. Plugged my USB drive into my new laptop, which asked to reinitialise the drive. Unfortunately, I clicked yes and lost a lot of important files which are required."

    Nicholas Parkes, Dartford

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  • Laptop Boot Failure Windsor

    “A huge relief to get by data back after my laptop failed. When attempting to boot the laptop the screen was blank.”

    Ruth Wilde, Windsor

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  • Linux Server Failure Stratford-upon-Avon

    "Thanks for the work in returning my files. Our Linux server started running slowly, and files before we could copy all the web site files, source code and office documents. Thoroughly recommended."

    Stephen Faulkner, Stratford-upon-Avon

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