Encrypted Hard Drive Recovery Coventry

“When our encrypted drive failed, we feared losing a lot of confidential data! Our first contact with DiskEng gave us confidence their data recovery service would recover our files.

Our confidence was not misplaced. Excellent service to recover our documents and data files. Many Thanks!”

Faith Gregson, Coventry Clearing Services, Coventry

We received a 1TB Western Digital hard disk drive from Coventry at our laboratory in Oxford, which had failed. An examination by our hardware specialists determined that the failure was caused by damage to some of the components on the drive controller board. This was probably due to overheating, which over time causes damage to electronic components.

Our hard disk drive specialists were able to overcome the problems, which allowed us to secure an image of the drive, with a small number of bad sectors. An examination of the secured disk image revealed that disk was encrypted using encryption software called TrueCrypt. This  had been used for security purposes across the entire drive.

Using the encryption key, we were able to access the unencrypted data, which revealed two NTFS partitions of 500GB each. Fortunately the bad sectors detected during the data recovery imaging process only caused damage to system areas of the partitions not required for the purposes of data recovery. The partitions contained 320GB and 135GB of data files and documents respectively, which we were able to return to the client.

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