External Disk Data Recovery Milton Keynes

“My external drive stopped working last year and I nearly threw it out. Fortunately I was too lazy, and friend recommended DiskEng data recovery services to me.

They found the problem and returned files, including a book I was writing that I thought was forever lost.”

KJ Rogers, Retired, Milton Keynes

We received an external hard disk drive at our data recovery laboratory in Oxford, from Milton Keynes. The drive enclosure contained a Samsung 500GB hard disk drive, which was examined by our hardware specialists, and found to be suffering a PCB fault, which had caused the power regulator to burn out. This was most likely to have been caused by a power surge, although running at high temperature can produce the same fault.

Our hardware data recovery specialists were able to overcome the problem with the power regulation, and image the drive with a minimal number of unreadable bad sectors.

Our software data recovery specialists examined the image of the drive, finding a 500GB NTFS data volume contained on the drive. They were able to recover approximately 210GB of documents and assorted image files, with only a couple of unimportant temporary files suffering damage, due to the failure. The data was returned on a new external USB hard disk drive.

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